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Help Hope Rise in Haiti

Annie Phillips

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It's time to come alongside artisans in Haiti.

Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti and left us wondering how to help.  The Sparrow Studio has considered working with a cooperative in Port-Au-Prince for several months, and now its crucial to place our first order.  The co-op director for Haiti Design Co, Chandler Busby, encouraged us in this way: 
"Relief efforts are underway and many wonderful organizations are working hard to prevent the spread of cholera, alleviate hunger, and provide clean water and shelter during this time. The road to recovery is going to be a long one. At this time we feel it is vital to remember to give with discretion and think of the long term impact we will have on communities. The Haitian economy is going to be one of the biggest keys to supporting recovery. When you invest in job creation, you're investing in opportunity for people and families to provide for themselves. Job creation provides stability. Stability for families means savings, education, health care, and the opportunity to be prepared for the future."

We need your help.

We've mentioned over social media a few times lately that we placed our largest order EVER with our friends in Rwanda, in order to help the mothers afford school in January for their children.  We are SO GRATEFUL for the ways you've already shopped this Fall to help us with that goal!  Because we're still doing the work required for that order, we need you to PRE-ORDER about $450 worth of Haitian product for us to be able to place that order.  And to make it FUN, we are offering some of their STUNNING handmade leather bags at 25% off (that's $50 off the Classic Leather Tote)!  We will not permanently offer their bags, so take advantage!  Your orders will not only enable us to place this initial order, but help us gain the capital needed to make this a long term relationship.  And with that comes more orders for Haiti Design Co and the opportunity for us to design CUSTOM product for YOU.  It's the perfect time for you to email your Mom, Spouse, generous Aunt, and ask for one of these killer totes for Christmas!  And the most adorable Pineapple Horn Bowls are the perfect hostess or teacher gift this season!  We need your orders to be placed (through our website- click Shop and look for Haiti) by October 31 for you to receive these in time for the holidays.  Team Sparrow, we are confident we can all work together to hit this goal of $450!  

For added fun, place an order on the website for any of the Haitian products and we'll ship you a FREE Slender Bangle!  Yall.  Seriously.  Don't miss out!  (And don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter, The Bird Beat, for even more good deals!)