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While many of our brightly colored Kitenge, or Dutch Wax, fabrics can be laundered in your washing machine and dryer, we cannot guarantee color fastness.  As is typical with any fabric, stronger dyes can run.  Due to this fact, we encourage you to first wash your items separately.  If your item combines Kitenge and muslin (solid cream fabric), please only gently spot clean any stains, as the Kitenge could run color onto the muslin.  Please also note that Kitenge comes with a wax finish.  With each wash, this wax finish will diminish, thus decreasing the initial sheen.  With all of our pillows, we recommend gentle spot treatment. 

Kitenge wears great and lasts for a very long time!  Please just keep these tidbits in mind.

Muslin Fabric care

Muslin, or basic cream solid fabric, is a work horse.  So use those napkins with confidence!  Feel free to stain treat, but not bleach, and throw it in the washer.  We encourage you to remove it from the dryer promptly, to minimize ironing.  With all of our pillows, we recommend gentle spot treatment.

Brass jewelry care

Part of the beauty of brass jewelry is its patina.  Our brass is not lacquered and will, therefore, patina, or get darker and have less shine.  If you'd like to restore the shine to your items, try a polishing cloth.  Or for a more thorough cleaning, make a simple paste of lemon juice, baking powder, and water.  Gently go over your jewelry with the paste and a toothbrush, then simply rinse under water.  Promptly buff with a clean, dry cloth after rinsing.