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Get Involved


We receive regular requests for ways Sparrow Studio friends can get more involved.  Thank you!  The mere request is a great encouragement to us and keeps us moving forward.  Here are some practical ways to partner with us to support the women who are More than Sparrows.   

1) Pray for us!  Everyday, we are doing something new, both in Colorado and in Rwanda.  We covet your prayers for wisdom, creativity, flexibility, health in the co-op, robust sales, energy for the team in Africa diligently doing the hard work of teaching, listening, organizing, hoping, believing, translating.  Rwanda in general, and these women specifically, all have some dark pasts to overcome, and the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges are real and sometimes overwhelming. 

2) Tell your friends!  We would rather spend our budget on co-op development than marketing, and sharing us with your friends gives us great encouragement. 

3) Follow us on facebook:

4) Invite us to your home or your shopping event to share our story and our creations with your circle.  If you would like to host a whole fair trade shopping event, we have some other justice minded friends we can collaborate with, including jewelry, coffee, and art vendors. 

5) Shop this website!   We are here because of your first enthusiastic purchases, and we want to keep celebrating life with you.  Every single sale counts!  The majority of our profits return to the co-op in Rwanda in the form of new orders for next season.

6) Give to our sewing program.  Right now we are saving money for new sewing machines and a part time sewing teacher.  We have a matching plan and will provide a sewing machine through donations if the women can pool their money to pay for a second sewing machine.  We would also like to hire a sewing teacher at $15 per day to come twice a week for 6 weeks.  Would you be willing to pay for a sewing lesson or a sewing machine? 

7) Give to our general fund.  This fund goes toward a variety of needs at the More Than Sparrows co-op in Rwanda.  We use it to cover supplies for business classes, literacy classes, emergency healthcare, and fun supplies like sewing machine thread and custom paint colors.    We are also dreaming and saving money for a counselor and a health educator to visit on an as-needed basis.  It is a complicated matter to extricate oneself from a past of genocide and prostitution and face a future with AIDS and other STIs. 

Thank you for partnering with The Sparrow Studio!