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We receive regular requests for ways Sparrow Studio friends can get more involved.  Thank you!  The mere request is a great encouragement to us and keeps us moving forward.  Here are some practical ways to partner with us to support the women who are More than Sparrows.   

1) Pray for us!  Everyday, we are doing something new, both in Colorado and in Rwanda, Ecuador, Tanzania, and Nepal.  We covet your prayers for wisdom, creativity, flexibility, health in the co-op, robust sales, energy for the leadership teams in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Nepal, diligently doing the hard work of teaching, listening, organizing, hoping, believing, translating.  

2) Tell your friends!  We would rather spend our budget on co-op development than marketing, and sharing us with your friends gives us great encouragement. 

3) Follow us on Facebook:

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5) Invite us to your home or your shopping event to share our story and our creations with your circle. When you host an event you earn free treats from The Sparrow Studio!

5) Shop this website!   We are here because of your first 6nthusiastic purchases, and we want to keep celebrating life with you.  Every single sale counts!  The majority of our profits return to the co-op in Rwanda in the form of new orders for next season.

7) We accept donations for specific needs which currently including literacy classes and trauma counseling for the co-op members and college classes for the co-op manager, which we send directly to the co-op. Donations also cover a daily lunch program for the working moms at the co-op in Rwanda. Your donation is not tax-deductible, since we are not a non-profit.  

8). We also have wholesale accounts and would love to team up with a few more retail partners this season!

Thank you for partnering with The Sparrow Studio!