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Tagua Drop Earrings (serpentine)


Your purchase provides a living wage and hope to an HIV+ mom in Kigali, Rwanda, who is working hard to overcome crippling poverty and escape the sex trade.  Thank you for affirming her value by purchasing our products. 

Thirty-five women work together in the More than Sparrows cooperative to bring you the beautiful one-of-a-kind items presented by The Sparrow Studio.  Each woman brings her own unique skills and creativity to the table, and each item we sell will reflect this and vary slightly. 

Tagua Drop Earrings (serpentine)


Tagua Drop Earrings (serpentine)


These earrings are made from tagua nuts by Germania, a guest artisan at The Sparrow Studio.  Germania is a single mom in a rural area of Ecuador, descended from the Shuar people group. She grows her own seeds to make into beads on a small finca (farm). 

Germania received a fair wage for her work and tells us she has cried tears of gratitude thinking about your support of her craft. 

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