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Alpaca Keychain, gray


Alpaca Keychain, gray

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Alpaca Keychain, gray

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Add a tiny alpaca to your life! Add this needle-felted alpaca to your keys or a handbag.   

This alpaca hails from the market in Ecuador near our friend Germania's village.  Occasionally we purchase special market finds from our artisan partners and their friends.  Though our artisan partners do not specifically make these items themselves, they still benefit from your purchases of them.  It is one of the ways that we all grow as businesswomen, as we explore new markets and develop new artisan contacts. It’s slow work, to be honest especially when we are working across languages, cultures, currencies, time zones, and color preferences. But it is incredibly rewarding, especially when YOU find something you love for YOUR home!

4 inches from the top of the key ring to the bottom of the feet

note: The brown alpaca may have brown, white, or gray feet.

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