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Tassel Hoop Earring, summer

African Fair Trade Earrings

Tassel Hoop Earring, summer


Tassel Hoop Earring, summer

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We teamed up with a group of women in Denver who immigrated from South America and Central America to begin a new chapter of life in the United States. They are re-purposing some beads provided from other artisan groups we work with and breathing fresh life into some of our favorite shapes- hoops and teardrops. The artisan group in Denver works communally to create these earrings and set their own prices for their work, and we are over-the-moon delighted at our new partnership and for this practical way we can “love our neighbor” here in the US.

vintage turquoise beads, paperbead from Rwanda, cotton tassel, surgical stainless steel and sterling silver

3 inches long

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