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#GivingTuesday AND Wednesday!

Annie Phillips

We hope its obvious, but we LOVE giving around here.  We maybe jumping in late in the day, but here's our Giving Tuesday deal!  Purchase ANY paper bead jewelry item, and we'll donate $3 per item to either Dry Bones Denver or Project Worthmore.  Simply leave a comment at check out about which non-profit you'd like to support.  We love and invest in both and are excited to share them with you!

Here's a quick summary about each group, in their own words:


Dry Bones Denver

In the context of relationships, practicing the way of Jesus, we meet spiritual and physical needs of homeless and street-connected youth and young adults.  We seek to equip and inspire all involved to relieve suffering, facilitate reconciliation, and free the heart to love.

We accomplish this mission through three main areas of focus.  Each part applies to everyone involved in the Dry Bones community.  

We are freely extended beyond our familiar boundaries in order to form relationships that reveal the God-given unsurpassable worth of all involved.  We hope to create intersections where people from different walks of life cross paths who would not normally meet; here, everyone belongs. (read more on Reach)

Within the context of relationships, hope, love, opportunity, and beauty are revealed.  Everyone’s faith grows.  We all get “saved” in exciting and unexpected ways. (read more on Rescue)

The natural response in a rescued life will be the reconciliation of torn and broken aspects of life.  As rescue takes place, many will discover new beginnings, experience deeper faith, conquer addictions, reunite with family, and actively experience the beautiful Kingdom of God.

Project Worthmore

Project Worthmore (PWM) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of Denver-area refugees by providing cultural mentorship and community supports. Started by Frank and Carolyn Anello in early 2011, PWM began as a makeshift response to the unmet needs of our refugee neighbors. Now as relationships and knowledge of refugee needs have grown, the community response has become an organized effort to serve the vast needs through the heart of our community. 

Be it teaching use of public transportation, registering children for school, going grocery shopping, and/or teaching English, there was always more that could be done but not always enough people to help do it. Abandoning the needs of this community was not an option, particularly when surrounded by such abundance and resources to help address these problems. Increasing awareness of the existence of our refugee neighbors and their needs is an initial priority. Fundraising, recruiting teams from churches and schools, gathering and distributing donations, setting up apartments for newly arrived refugee families and coordinating cultural mentorship teams all eventually became a part of this organization. As PWM continues its work, it is the Anello’s hope that more people will become an active part of this movement that has improved the lives of all those involved.

Thanks for taking a peek at our Giving Tuesday AND Wednesday beneficiaries.  Hop over and shop our paper bead jewelry to make it count....TWICE.  Paper bead styles include Jubilee necklace, Garden Party necklace, Celebrate necklace, Game Day bracelets, Blue Moon necklace, Arrowhead necklace, Charm necklace, all Boho necklaces, Ibaba earrings, and Gold Bar earrings.